Thursday, 5 April 2012

Funny Amul ads based on current affairs

 Funny amul ad felicitating Indian cricketer Sachin tendulkar's 100th 100

 Funny amul ad on rise of Akhilesh yadav in UP politics

 Funny amul ad making fun of Kingfiher owner Vijal mallaya 

 Funny amul ad over India's pathetic loss in Perth

 Funny amul ad supporting India's 2nd gadhi i.e. Anna hazare who has started the movement "Indian Against Corruption" and sits of fast to pressurise Indian Members of parliaments to pass Janlokpal bill.

Funny amul ad over IPL 2012 cricket tournament.

For many years AMUL's creative team has been making crazy print and billboard ads based on current affairs related to Bollywood, Politics, crickets, Economy , Society and all.


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