Thursday, 27 September 2012

Funny photos on Halloween

 Funny Faces idea for product packaging

 Funny Faces of man and art work

 Funny Man kissing skool body

 Funny faceoff photo

 Funny hot dog

 Funny pumpkins with man for halloween

Funny skool hands in man's hands

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Monday, 17 September 2012

Funny Indian pics with people

 Funny Indian pic of gals wearing tshirts

 Funny indian celebrity pics

 Funny indian pic of rural couple on bike

 Funny indian sign board image

 Funny sign board at Indian restaurant the dhaba

 Funny tricks by Indians

Latest funny pics of kids who are cute and naughty

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Latest funny pics

Helllo guys and gals, ladies and gentlemen, humans and animals :D We are back with latest funny pics on our blog website. We offer this images absolutely free thanks to various creative photographers who chose to make their photography work available on flickr for free use under creative commons licence. We will soon update the blog post with the credit to the photographers, so if you are a photographer who own the pics please give us some time to update this post with credit to you and link to your flickr profile. :)

 Crazy fun time for this lady. Look at eyes :P

 Cute funny dog has got the luck. He has got nice clothes like human wear. :D

 Funny bulldog photo

 Funny couple pic pf this lovely couple giving nice pose to the camera.

 Funny face with a crossed eye by female.

 Funny frog photo taken in avalaible light

What I think after seeing this Funny potato pic ? That, The GOD is artist :P What a shape he has given to this Potato :D

 Funny sign board on a door warning dogs to not to shit :P

 Funny woman making crazy poses for her friend who is taking a photo.

 LOL photo of the year :P Crossed eye pics are special , I feel.

Photo of a girl making Funny crazy face

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Funny tricks

 Face and body tricks. Ignore shadow of the photographer and see. One body without face and One face without body. Here is the trick. There are two full bodies. Some parts of both bodies are covered with sand to make this illusive image.

 Funny fruit tricks. Here a man like character made of Oranges is about to suicide :P  You want orange juice na ?

 Funny tricks pictures of smoker. Ok this is neither manipulated nor illusive pic. This is real trick.

 Funny water fall. It looks like all the water falling down comes from the mineral water bottle ?

Funny weight lifting pics

Some more Funny stuff

 Funny advice for MEN eating banana

 Funny definition of slut woman

 Funny luck by chance

 Funny luck

Funny philosophy about Presentation.

Funny Amul ads based on current affairs

 Funny amul ad felicitating Indian cricketer Sachin tendulkar's 100th 100

 Funny amul ad on rise of Akhilesh yadav in UP politics

 Funny amul ad making fun of Kingfiher owner Vijal mallaya 

 Funny amul ad over India's pathetic loss in Perth

 Funny amul ad supporting India's 2nd gadhi i.e. Anna hazare who has started the movement "Indian Against Corruption" and sits of fast to pressurise Indian Members of parliaments to pass Janlokpal bill.

Funny amul ad over IPL 2012 cricket tournament.

For many years AMUL's creative team has been making crazy print and billboard ads based on current affairs related to Bollywood, Politics, crickets, Economy , Society and all.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

LOL pics

 Creative Funny photo of a kid eating icecream. But wait. Its not cream but cloud inside the cone :D

 Funny  camel in spider man look :D

 Funny LOL pic of guy doing lipstick and gal shaving :D Role exchanged ?

 Funny costume pic of woman wearing big skirt made of wings of peacock.

 Funny lol pics of toppers. Were you the one ? :D

 Funny tall man

 LOL pic of tiny people

LOL - Lots of laughs :P